First DIM ESEE-2 spin off workshop for MSc and PhD students was held from 3rd to 5th May 2022 at the Student hostel in a beautiful village of Telkibanya, Hungary. In total 15 on-site participants, MSc and PhD students from all over Europe, enjoyed 3 days of lectures, practical work and field visits related to the topic Innovation in exploration, while 17 online participants followed the livestream.

On the first day, students listened about exploration challenges in the ESEE region, Telkibanya’s geological setting and mining history and advanced statistical analysis of big datasets, afterwards having a field trip. Divided into two groups, they undertook two field trips: first, the so-called Educational path – visit to Terézadit, Jó-hill pits, Koncfalva and soil sampling, and then visit to Mária-adit for alteration measurement, XRF, LIBS, spectral gamma. The day ended with the barbecue and very nice traditional Hungarian dinner.

On the second day, participants had an extensive online lecture from Dr. Istvan Marton under the topics: New and innovative analytical methodologies in exploration geochemistry and Integration, interpretation and modelling of high- precision multielement and hyperspectral datasets. After the lunch, they were divided into two groups for practical sessions. First was drillcore observation: alteration measurement and multispectral imaging, while the second was geochemical data evaluation – practical part. After these sessions, participants gathered again for a lecture on 3D modelling introduction and demonstration.

On the last day, participants had the chance to learn about the innovative solutions for and challenges in underwater spaces (sensor development, robotization), as well as inversion-based modelling for the interpretation of geophysical exploration datasets and practical demo. After lunch, participants went for a three-hour long field trip, Pálháza perlite quarry site visit, and upon their return they had a drone demo and interpretation of results. At the end of the day and therefore the workshop, participants had a nice dinner and Tállya wine tasting.